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Lung cancer resources

The sites listed here provide information about the detection and treatment of lung cancer.  You will find information about screening, diagnostic techniques, treatment options, clinical trials, support, and other topics.

The Williamsburg Regional Library provides a variety of cancer-related resources and services for adults and children, including both circulating and reference books and audiovisual materials (see our research guide on lung cancer).

MedlinePlus Health Information, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and
the National Institutes of Health, provides users with information on many health topics, drug information, searchable medical encyclopedia and dictionary, and the latest medical news. Also provided are interactive health tutorials for various diseases, conditions, tests, and diagnostic procedures.
What You Need to Know About Lung Cancer  
The National Cancer Institute includes information on the detection, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. Also users can find links to lung cancer clinical trials and cancer literature and statistics. 
Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support, and Education (ALCASE)  
The ALCASE site includes information for lung cancer patients covering topics such as symptom management, clinical trials, support groups, and peer support programs. ALCASE also acts as an advocacy group on lung cancer policy and issues.
Facts About Lung Cancer
Part of the American Lung Association's web page, this site contains information on prevention, detection, and treatment of lung cancer, as well as a list of resources for lung cancer patients.
Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention: Your Disease Risk
Assess your risk for lung cancer by taking Harvard Center's Lung Cancer Questionnaire and learn nine ways you can prevent lung cancer.
Lung Cancer (OncoLink)
OncoLink's lung cancer page provides information on prevention, screening, treatment, and support for lung cancer patients and their families.  There is also a section of current news articles on lung cancer topics.
Lung Cancer Resource Center
Part of the American Cancer Society's page, this site provides information on the nature of lung cancer, its causes and risk factors, the latest strategies for prevention, new diagnostic techniques, and the latest treatment options. This site also has links to information about tobacco and cancer.
The Mesothelioma Cancer Center includes information on symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options for those who have been affected by mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused by asbestos.

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